Domestic Violence

Even as a Misdemeanor, a Domestic Violence Case is Extremely Serious

A time served conviction for a domestic violence case carries a prohibition for gun and ammunition possession for ten years, is a deportable offense for non citizens, and requires six months of weekly group counseling.

Common Scenario

Frequently during the heat of an argument, perhaps kindled by drugs and/or alcohol, causes the wife or girlfriend of the “defendant” to call 911 to get some space between herself and her husband/boyfriend, just until everyone can calm down. Where there is any mark, even a simple redness to the skin, the police will arrest the husband/boyfriend and will not release him from jail without bail being posted. Many victims of domestic violence cases think they can simply “drop” the charges. They cannot.

Where the man and the woman want to continue their relationship, it is essential they both seek legal counsel before the first court date.

It is Important to Hire a Lawyer as Early in the Process as Possible

Many times a criminal prosecution can be stopped before it is even filed if proper actions are taken right away. This includes investigation by our on call investigators and quick communication with the government about the case.

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